Sunday, April 8, 2007


Tell me a secret word,
Which hides the writhing heart,
And captures the timelessness
Of just one moment...

Tell me a golden planet,
Where the ivory moon gives
Way to the stars,
Where orbits break to defy gravity,
And vacuum floats.
There is none.

When mirror disguises our shadows,
And the line between sea and shore
Seems clouded...

I await another daze,
Another shower,
Another dive...

I closed the chapter of questions.
The book of answers doesn’t follow me either.

I want to end the episodic encounters,
So that winters and summers leave way
For the shrinking springs.

And one day maybe,
The throbing veins of my skull will
Show me the stagnant sea leaving a
Dead shore.

Too much of reality in question?
Too many deductions you seek?

Keep reading...
Someone just chained you to the
String of lies.

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