Monday, January 29, 2007

And life reels on...

The journey started with hands in rose water
Dripping life onto the road divine,
And the candle burned smelling of a thousand words
And uttering just one.

Some nascent dreams hiding in the womb of
Never opened eyes and that one smile.

A sunflower took several rounds of clock to bloom
Or was it birth of a thorn in the wake of sun?

Hands that once floated in time
Now knock at the doors of ephemerality.

The rain soaked the ground under those feet
But those eyes still seek the story of falling drops.

And life reels on...

In a graveyard an epitaph screams
The longing of a tomb,
As leaves chart the history in black and white.

A maiden walks the deserted streets of an unknown city
Following the tracks of broken carriages of ancient times.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A splash into realms of time

I will come one day and take

You to my hymn, where songbirds

Talk about the rhapsody of the seven

Oceans that completes the void betwixt

Have you ever walked down the streets

Of your village under a white shadow?

Nay! that’s not me

The moonlight misery calls onto thee

Still watch the hour glass turn around

Your fate

Someone still awaits your laughter at the

Other side of the sun amidst the snowfall

The tip of your soul that smokes away

Breathes life into a chassis every night

Turning the pages of memory I suck ink

Through my fingers so that you can fill

My glass again

But few chalices are meant to be empty


Keep walking to the great divide

The doors that bar your life will open once

Though they may cage you with your first step

And mind you…

The view from outside the bars is very different

From what you will see through them

And here ends the story of a magic of an era untold

Though the mistress of the deep still seeks

to drink her wine

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Silent Wish

Let me walk onto your burned shreds

And suck the slits in your broken ties.

Wait till you die,

Wait till the earth weeps enough

To bring you alive.

I will stay till the ocean returns

The pearls of my womb.

I will crave till you pierce my death

With your gun.

I was born in a daze of euphoric insanity,

They read the history which exudes from

My peacock eyes,

One stroke of brush and portrait will flower again.

When crowds will celebrate the flesh of a grapevine,

The blood will wash the sins the

That I commit with every breath.

Till then O stranger…

Be me and lay in my grave!

A Revelation!

Sometimes sitting by the trees in a January night,
Threads of showering cotton balls talk to me.
They bring the message of the surreal that I ache to touch,
And melt my hopes as I take the flakes home.
The dog holds out its tongue in search of the last drop,
As desires leak away questioning the beast in me:

“What can be more satiating than tasting the McCoy?
Why do you let mermaids swim in the cerebral fluid in thy mind?”

“A block of concrete will fix the tower you breathe in,
The cuts and sides you carve in will form the idol u reside in!”

Step by step earth climbs the shade,
As birds cry for their lost rooms and broken wings.

I stare and ask myself in the war of fighting pigs:
“Why do I always live on little joys of small things?”

The sky jolts as the earth marries the moon,
And I go back in my hide to wait for the next January night.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Peacock's Symphony

Mapping a constellation over my azure

I seek the eminence promised an era ago

I drink the libation of poisons from your sting

To lose my immortal self in the lore of an eon lost

My day dawns at dusk

As sun vanquishes the moon

The zenith in me cries sometimes

When the night takes away my throne

Hundred eyes shine on my tail

One glance can bore my seed in you

Or doom you for the rest of your life

It started with all gold

And it follows me through and through

I hate the glow in your armlet

As it chases my rainbow firmament

[i]Juno’s bird still waits in the vault of heavens

A corona of amour propre it forms

Dancing to the symphony of the unborn

It flares till the infant sky weeps its ebullience

A myth dies in the sands of time

Footsteps of another reach the shore[i]

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Drop of Memory

A whisper rolls down my cheeks
Reminding me of the lavender nights
And the morning glories.

A faint smile plays in a hidden
Corner of an aficionado’s realm.

Someday maybe...
The yellow leaves in my garden
Would talk to me of the days that
Evaporated in the green sunshine.

Someday maybe...
I would call out a name
When soup would burn my tongue
In a winter night.

And one day when I will walk
Out of the joi de vivre with my little teddy,
The autumn birds will sing us a lullaby.

They call it rhythm divine...
Have you ever heard an orphic jive?
When heart and mind coalesce
Into a lost soul,
I am waiting for such a hymn.

I am living a dream,
Let it be a dream,
Don’t come near if you
Want to bring me alive,
Some deaths are sweeter than
The dewy sunlight.

Are you the bon vivant who would
Tell the world of a poem which died
In your dream last night?

Monday, January 22, 2007

a Mermaid's Lament

Cantilating from the bottom of

An ocean of emptiness

A void above and beyond scintillates

The beauty forlorn

Hiding herself from the pale sky

She sits in the shadow of her dreams

Holding onto every drop of firewater

She dances to the tunes of her inamorata

Winds play wicked games as candles

Quiver to breathe and burn

Some fish chase her path as she sneaks

To flower the nights of strangers sailing

Through the shire

Every moon brings a new story

A ripped wing

A forbidden fruit

And she sails on to another bitter sweet memory

The sun has gone to bed now

Her moon died in sleep tonight

As another sylph emanates from her womb

A forgotten melody plays again

Sunday, January 14, 2007


It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power!

You bring to me life

Hold my hand let's chase the sun,
We both know something's begun,
Nothin feels that real without you,
Wanna learn so much about you,
Shining star i've seen your face,
Everything falls into place,
Nothing else seems to matter,
You bring me to life,
Feels so lonely,
Won't u show me,
Where I need to be,
You bring me to life.

Feels like the raindrops on my skin,
You reach me somewhere deep within,
You make my body come alive,
You bring me to life,
I whisper things you never knew,
I can't believe that tonight i'm here with you,
You make my body cum alive,
You bring me to life.

See it burning in my eyes,
Don't want words,
Don't want no lies,
They say more than whatt is spoken,
Promises always get broken,
Feels so lonely,
Won't you show me,
Where I need to be,
You bring me to life.

(Feels like the raindrops)

(You bring me to life)

You bring me to life...