Monday, January 29, 2007

And life reels on...

The journey started with hands in rose water
Dripping life onto the road divine,
And the candle burned smelling of a thousand words
And uttering just one.

Some nascent dreams hiding in the womb of
Never opened eyes and that one smile.

A sunflower took several rounds of clock to bloom
Or was it birth of a thorn in the wake of sun?

Hands that once floated in time
Now knock at the doors of ephemerality.

The rain soaked the ground under those feet
But those eyes still seek the story of falling drops.

And life reels on...

In a graveyard an epitaph screams
The longing of a tomb,
As leaves chart the history in black and white.

A maiden walks the deserted streets of an unknown city
Following the tracks of broken carriages of ancient times.

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