Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Arrive..!

There you bloom
With the secret of tears
And harmony,
As I seek
The love of light

I have waited since
Words had a meaning
To the vertex where letters
Lost their sight

I lived a virgin dream,
Where strangers stretched my

I- the withheld,
And you-the key,
Would unlock
The spark of “reality”

Now you provoke,
And I drink the stream,
Till the fire burns
The dust of me

In the dark you
be the knight,
And I merge into you
For the lust of joy

Tasteless step
Into the ring of sweat,
With the libation of sins
I arrive—I arrive


“Reaching beyond oneself was a right you never dreamed”

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Crawling is an art,
Once legs leave the
Mass to graze the spikes

Then foot steps become
My paintings,
And the trail of ants
Etch my sights

Spiders tell me my name,
Lady birds kiss me good bye,
The sleep is long,
And the gamble
Wouldn’t last all night

Follow my way,
And I let them suckle
The sweetness of lies

Thousand laughs
For a night my love;
As I cater your dreams,
You fill my
Incoherent plight.


“When thirst didn’t have a name but a vacant hunger of The Forbidden Eyes”

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kaisay Karun..?

Muqaabil hai tera aks mein yaad kaisey karun
Vasl-e-yaar mumkin na tha mein faryaad kaisay karun

Boond boond ko sahil har shab tadapta raha
Ek muthy aashianey ki iltija kaisay karun

Deewaney ho chaley hain yun mai ki pyaas mein
Raaz-e-aashnayi ko sar-e-bazaar kaisay karun

Har gali har koochey mein ruswa ho gaye
Dil-e-nadaan ki chaukhat ko beniqaab kaisay karun

Na dil aashnayi na berukhi seekh paayi tum “naz”
Yun lutti hai duniya ke phir aabaad kaisay karun