Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Arrive..!

There you bloom
With the secret of tears
And harmony,
As I seek
The love of light

I have waited since
Words had a meaning
To the vertex where letters
Lost their sight

I lived a virgin dream,
Where strangers stretched my

I- the withheld,
And you-the key,
Would unlock
The spark of “reality”

Now you provoke,
And I drink the stream,
Till the fire burns
The dust of me

In the dark you
be the knight,
And I merge into you
For the lust of joy

Tasteless step
Into the ring of sweat,
With the libation of sins
I arrive—I arrive


“Reaching beyond oneself was a right you never dreamed”


Asad Iqubal said...

There is something in this poem I love so much. I dont know why but I tend to read it again and again....this poem leaves me speechless.

Juneli said...

Thanks for visiting my space and leaving your link. So you also have blog :). Great.

Will come and read later on.

Thanks Naz >:D<