Saturday, January 27, 2007

A splash into realms of time

I will come one day and take

You to my hymn, where songbirds

Talk about the rhapsody of the seven

Oceans that completes the void betwixt

Have you ever walked down the streets

Of your village under a white shadow?

Nay! that’s not me

The moonlight misery calls onto thee

Still watch the hour glass turn around

Your fate

Someone still awaits your laughter at the

Other side of the sun amidst the snowfall

The tip of your soul that smokes away

Breathes life into a chassis every night

Turning the pages of memory I suck ink

Through my fingers so that you can fill

My glass again

But few chalices are meant to be empty


Keep walking to the great divide

The doors that bar your life will open once

Though they may cage you with your first step

And mind you…

The view from outside the bars is very different

From what you will see through them

And here ends the story of a magic of an era untold

Though the mistress of the deep still seeks

to drink her wine

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