Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Drop of Memory

A whisper rolls down my cheeks
Reminding me of the lavender nights
And the morning glories.

A faint smile plays in a hidden
Corner of an aficionado’s realm.

Someday maybe...
The yellow leaves in my garden
Would talk to me of the days that
Evaporated in the green sunshine.

Someday maybe...
I would call out a name
When soup would burn my tongue
In a winter night.

And one day when I will walk
Out of the joi de vivre with my little teddy,
The autumn birds will sing us a lullaby.

They call it rhythm divine...
Have you ever heard an orphic jive?
When heart and mind coalesce
Into a lost soul,
I am waiting for such a hymn.

I am living a dream,
Let it be a dream,
Don’t come near if you
Want to bring me alive,
Some deaths are sweeter than
The dewy sunlight.

Are you the bon vivant who would
Tell the world of a poem which died
In your dream last night?

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