Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Peacock's Symphony

Mapping a constellation over my azure

I seek the eminence promised an era ago

I drink the libation of poisons from your sting

To lose my immortal self in the lore of an eon lost

My day dawns at dusk

As sun vanquishes the moon

The zenith in me cries sometimes

When the night takes away my throne

Hundred eyes shine on my tail

One glance can bore my seed in you

Or doom you for the rest of your life

It started with all gold

And it follows me through and through

I hate the glow in your armlet

As it chases my rainbow firmament

[i]Juno’s bird still waits in the vault of heavens

A corona of amour propre it forms

Dancing to the symphony of the unborn

It flares till the infant sky weeps its ebullience

A myth dies in the sands of time

Footsteps of another reach the shore[i]

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