Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dear Me!

I had a big day and you had too
when Dear life smudged me
and pulled back through.

Like the two Niles across my face
and a Sahara on yours,
defintions seeked a word,
and they still do.

Dear skin why do you keep
all brown
when its all blue,
the all night ceiling,
and The Not Talking statue.

Bleed it,
till the pus leaves you,
whichever way it travels
the Cut marks me,
and so do you.

Dear madness may I ask you,
when you gave a birth in twilight’s hue,
did you write a name on a dark so lone,
or could you find a mate
in the morning dew?

Broken Es and Gs and Os,
make a pit hole in every drac’s motto.
So did she, and so did he,
and so do I,
like a big frothing hollow.
So I repeat Dear sucked low,
don’t suck it back
for the love of you.

Dear shadow,
now you may take turn,
as the dawn and the dusk
stop to follow.
Long arms and small feet
Push I to them,
As a cobbler mismatched
In a blacksmith’s crew.

Now Now
I have a nail too,
To draw my curse on every
Small and long shoe,
Try it if you want,
Sulk if you lose,
Dear shadow
But But
follow me through.


Juneli said...

Really beautiful dear.

Hey also have written a poem "Parchain..." few days back. Yet to publish but there a ghazal "Intezaar-e-sabab" I have posted yesterday :D Come and read and give suggestions.

See ya.

Soumya said...

It hurts,it bleeds still its the life we want to be with ,even being a shadow to this parade of nonparallel venture

...Illusive write!

Scribbler said...

The best lines

"Try it if you want,
Sulk if you lose,
Dear shadow
But But
follow me through."


keep it rolln;)

Winnie the poohi said...

Such a beauty!!

Am glad i checked!!!

Winnie the poohi said...

So like me to not complete my sentence I checked your orkut profile and then this blog.. You write amazingly

luckyless said...

hey i like ur blog

Sashu... said...

"Try it if you want,
Sulk if you lose,
Dear shadow
But But
follow me through."

beautiful lines... darn good :)

Come to my Illusion! said...

aah..aftr long revisited dis poem..n ws i delighted..oh yes sweety...ur writin mesmerizes me...
kip scibblin..4evr..plz....

Nikita said...

nazooo!! main bhi aa gayi :D

i love the last bit....n this one is so musical, really! :)