Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Give Me A Night

Give me a night
Of stillness of a cadaver;
As ants gather around my bed
To say one last goodbye,
And the only audible beats
Are the thumps of The Coming,
And The Unseen.

Before my eyes
You take away the colours;
And I am bound to enjoy
The shrieks of distorted triangles
And squares.

I ache to hear my silence,
And the heaving of the breaths...

Why does my phone blink,
When there is no one on the other end?

“Nancy o silly…
Pick up my call.
Your funeral is getting late,
The undertaker has to take home
The living bodies of the left dead”.

Take the clown away
From the screen of this TV,
It’s asking me for a reply,
For the question that was never heard.

A hand tells me to gobble down a pill;
A hidden face looms over with victorious eyes...

No one knows what lies in a skull;
A virgin clasped in the opaqueness of time.

Let me tell you what are you missing honey,
Kill me tomorrow,
Just give me a night.

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