Monday, February 19, 2007

A Missing Link

Last night I tried hard to put
The two worlds together,
But my dreams left me,
For a change…

So I start hereby again to
Draw couplets into life

Lately someone talked about the earth
And the heavens and the moon

Where did the sun go?

I didn’t hide it;
I just stole a ray and kept it in
My heart

Man and earth ...
Stars and night…
Pearls and shell…
I lost myself to the chunks of desires

Explicit and implicit chords
Kept the chain of life swinging,
And all that’s left now is
Blurred perception.

Still…I await my moira.

Happiness knows no bounds,
Maybe that’s why we live in
A ring…
An empty one…
Full with bounded breaths

Don’t wait till I come,
Don’t live till I die.

Unwanted fruits have a story too,
They over live to sing their songs,
But only whispers are smelt
In their rotten cries.

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