Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lost In A Speck

How easy it is to shatter a moment of silence, but we still long for it. Perhaps the momentary wait is too long to see the voids built within. Void!!! Probably I couldn’t come up with a better term to hide that dread nurturing within my bounds.Before it touched my senses, it fed on “love and passion”..huh..thats what I used to say. Its funny how equations within oneself form, change or die. From love to void, it just took three months, or maybe three moments inside me. I always used to say that life is strange, but how strange can a truth be, and how funny it sounds when reality fills within.

Yeah! It’s all happening within the flesh and skin of me, and I am unable to accept or deny it. That’s why it’s easier to shatter those moments and hide behind busy mornings and loaded evenings. The sense of urgency keeps away the sense of guilt or responsibility. The afternoon conversations blur the silences before and after the rings, and so the blind walk continues…

Loving him was irresistible, making love to him perhaps the only dream… but lost is my way in the dots ahead.

There is a very fine line between ecstasy and emptiness…both push you in a daze where you nourish or sulk alone..He left me filled or sucked the Me out of me…maybe you would know… but all I sense and feel is the tremble of the first touch, or the news of my love materialized…and I I still do. How probable it is to love someone, and be loved by him, and how likely it is to be in love with your bond materialized within the core of you kicking and reminding a night out of all the nights..I wonder..

Technically and conventionally, love passes on..from a man and woman to their child…So am I not human if I didn’t want this string attached to me? Am I not in love with my man? Or maybe I was too quick to let my emotions get in stream..I wonder!

A speck of dirt am I
Flying high
The whorl won’t open
In a sky so tied
Neither did you bore me
Nor I would die
A moment still waits
To break me from the sky

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